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Here's What Our Partners Are Saying

“It’s actually gone to the point where we would be five-folding (5X) the cost of the project, and that was in the early days. All it’s done is continue to increase”

Tammie & Tony

(Banking and Finance)

“Game-changer. It’s changed the game for us. It’s just been able to connect us to a wider audience and it’s gotten people talking.”

Arthur K.

(Finance / Financial Planning)

“What really got us is, we actually tested it and it took us 26 minutes to get a response…. to get a return on investment!”

Wendy & Gordon

(Executive Consulting)

Here's What Our Partners Are Saying

"The results that we've been able to get after being with The Influencer Project would be about $500,000. What we haven't closed, is another half a million dollars."

Greg H.

"From having zero idea on how to leverage LinkedIn to closing $171K (+$41K in the pipeline) through The Influencer Project program!"


"Of the $100 million worth of pipeline opportunity we have, over half of that has come through this project."

Andrew W.