December Expert Intensive

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High Converting Offer Workshop


This is our High Converting Offer Workshop that we use to make $5 - $10k sales each week.

This is a “Step-By-Step” workshop to craft a HIGH CONVERTING OFFER so you can attract more opportunities and get paid what you’re worth!

You can also use this to enhance your events, workshops and position your sales presentations!

In this training, you get:

Your 5K Offer Formula

Discover the 3 key elements to create an initial 5K OFFER that can rapidly grow your coaching and consulting business.

Your OFFER Money Model

How to install ‘linking’ so you can articulate your clients' problems better than they can and position your offer as the obvious choice making your prospect more likely to say yes!

Your OFFER Profit System

You’ll walk away with a visually optimised, ready-to-use, high-converting offer that you can use to close your next sale or at your next event.

5 Figure Events Formula


This year we have generated over $1,259,000 in sales from running small online events.

I’m giving you the EXACT event system that turned our workshops, live and virtual, into 5 - 6 figure earning events!

In this training, you’ll get:

  • The Step By Step framework on how to put together an event that delivers value and sets you up for sales.
  • The Offer On-Ramp that gets leads booking calls within the first 5 -10 minutes of your event.
  • The Event Signature System that maps out, play by play, what and where you need to put your IP to position your ‘offer’ profitably to turn your audience into appointments.
  • The Event Sales Strategy that shows you how to ‘pitch’ your offer throughout the event to increase conversion whilst still delivering incredible insights to wow your audience