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Would you like help from me and my incredible community to build out your Profit Pathway so that you reliably attract 3 qualified appointments each week and secure at least one high value client each month?

Our goal is to build you out a 1M per year Expert Consulting business with no more than 30 clients per year and 2 support team.

EXPERT is a private 9-month membership - but in the next 90 DAYS we’ll optimise and package up (or create from scratch) your CORE Offer, called The Expert Money Model (TM) in 3 stages:

In the first 90 days we will create:

  • We build out your Fast Start System, where we’ll help you map out your core offer into an Expert Money Model. This is the same model that we use across all our marketing to attract a regular flow of ideal clients - private and corporate - that book into your calendars every week. With this you’ll attract more opportunities within the first 30 days.
  • We setup your LinkedIn Lead Machine. A 3 part marketing system that gets you connected to your perfect prospects and turns your connections into warm conversations so you drive more qualified enquiry into your business reliably and predictably. This system is responsible for generating 5-figures worth of new business for our clients every month.
  • We map your Expert Offer Architecture. Lets get clear on what you’re selling and at what price so the buying decision becomes easy. We’ll give you the strategy that helps you sell with fewer words, no pushy tactics, and drastically shortens your sales cycle whilst helping you ascend clients into retainer based pricing so you stack recurring revenue vs relying on one off sales.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your business, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically...so we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

The aim is to get you your next 3 clients in the first 90 days so this pays for itself fast.

To start you’ll get on a 30 minute private call with Rana to map out your high converting Expert Offer (a core offer is simply a 2k - 10k offer you can package and deliver effortlessly). We’ll dial in your perfect future customers and get crystal clear about your business roadmap, so you’re setup for success and clear about your pathway to profit plan.



In Phase 1, we’ll use lead filters to find and connect you to your perfect future customers. Once you’re surrounded by perfect prospects it’s easy to grow your business without hard core selling. We’ll install our expert leads software to deliver your message consistenty into your marketplace and drive more enquiry back into your business everyday like clockwork. We help you get your offer to a minimum of $20k before we move you to phase 2



In Phase 2,  once your core offer is producing sales and cash is flowing, we’ll work with you on your 500k formula to ascend your clients so you easily generate monthly recurring revenue from existing clients giving you cashflow confidence and a more profitable business working with less clients.

We will workshop every Thursday 8am (Brisbane Time) to implement and improve your Expert Business Model around sales, marketing and delivery.

You have working ‘Sprint’ sessions every Tuesday 8am (Brisbane Time) where we build out your content strategy to lock in your professional positioning - the system that enables us to fill workshops, events and build a loyal LinkedIn following of 20,000+ followers and a consistent 7-figure income.

There are the 3 key principles The Expert Accelerator is based upon, it’s why we get the results that we do and the reason why so many people choose us…

  • CUSTOMISED so you can be sure it increases your OPPORTUNITIES,
  • PERSONALISED GUIDANCE so you achieve results EASIER, and
  • RESULTS BASED so every action aligns to get you to your outcomes FASTER.

You will never get ‘stuck’ as you have a community around you.


Your investment for The Expert Accelerator uses a Pay As You Progress model that makes it really easy to get started.

Your investment is $990 Now (Normally $5k) then payments of $297 every week for 39 weeks.

** (Prices go to $375 / week from Dec) **

Your rate will be grandfathered for life and not be subject to future price increases.

** If all you did was launch one successful sale from your Expert Offer you would make a years investment back in a month. Even better! With our help and track record of monetizing expert offers - with a $5k, $10k, or $20k offer, you would just need a sale or two and you would be on top!

(Save $6818 by getting started now!)

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