The Expert Program

You want to access our Expert community, coaching and strategies to build out a 500k Expert Consulting Business with less than 30 clients per year, with a marketing process that attracts qualified appointments each week and to become a highly paid Expert in your marketplace.

Together we’ll optimise and package up (or create from scratch) your CORE Offer, called The Expert Money Model ™ in 3 phases:

In the first 90 days we will:


Build out your High Converting Expert Offer, aligned to your target market, that positions you as the expert in your marketplace. We’ll show you how to use LinkedIn to continually build a database of your Perfect Future Customers and how to create and deliver high value IP so you always have leads and opportunities close by.


Setup your Expert Lead Machine. Install a marketing system that gets you connected to your perfect prospects and turns your connections into warm conversations so you drive more qualified enquiry into your business reliably and predictably. This system is responsible for generating 5-figures worth of new business for our clients every month.


Map your Expert Client Architecture. No more relying on word of mouth and referrals! This system helps you generate opportunities with new and current clients, sell with fewer words, and drastically shortens your sales cycle whilst helping you ascend clients into retainer based pricing so you stack recurring revenue vs relying on one off sales and contracts.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your business, and my experience is that ONE of these is stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically...so we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you immediately.

Bypass years of trial and error, trying to ‘figure it out’, and get access to a proven system.

In many cases our clients attract and close 1-2 clients within the first 60 days so this membership pays for itself quickly.

To start you’ll get on a 30 minute private call with Rana to map out your high converting Expert Offer (a core offer is simply a 2k - 10k offer you can package and deliver effortlessly). We’ll dial in your perfect future customers and get crystal clear about your business roadmap, so you’re setup for success and clear about your pathway to profit plan.

In Phase 2, we’ll use lead filters to find and connect you to your perfect future customers. Once you’re surrounded by perfect prospects it’s easy to grow your business without hard core selling. We’ll install our expert leads system to deliver your message consistently into your marketplace and drive more enquiry back into your business everyday like clockwork. We help you get your Expert offer to a minimum of $20k before we move you to phase 2

In Phase 3, once your core offer is producing sales and cash is flowing, we’ll work with you on your 500k formula to ascend your clients so you easily generate monthly recurring revenue from existing clients giving you cashflow confidence and a more profitable business working with less clients.

We workshop to help you win faster up to 3 days a week (in QLD Australia time) with Rana, our coaches and the support of others in Expert. These include:

IP Sprint sessions

Tuesdays (8am)

Each week build out your content strategy to lock in your professional positioning - this system enables us to fill workshops, events and build a loyal LinkedIn following of 20,000+ followers and a consistent 7-figure income. You can too.

Solve it Sessions

Wednesdays (8am and 5pm)

These sessions are ‘ask us anything’ style office hours. There is no reason to stay stuck. You ask, we help, advice and direct you to the resource you need, strategy you require or can simply workshop your ideas to keep you moving forward. 

Private masterclasses with Rana

Tuesdays (5pm) + Thursdays (8am)

where you get direct help in structuring offers and LinkedIn campaigns, retaining and selling customers and clients, strategic support, when things don’t go as planned, and other strategies for building your Expert business.

You also understand you will never get ‘stuck’ as you have a community of other Experts, the coaching team and access to a library of resources, templates and frameworks around you 24/7.


Your investment for Expert comes down to what solution best aligns with your goals and budget.

We have 2 options starting from $350 per week.

option a

Expert Foundations


This is for consultants who want a high converting offer and a proven marketing process to turn connections into conversations, generate a consistent flow of new opportunities to grow their business faster.

option b

Expert Accelerator


This is for consultants that not only want a high converting offer and proven marketing process, but they want 1:1 strategic access and to outsource the ‘implementation’ to our team so we can manage your marketing, all the moving pieces all the way up to getting leads booked into your calendar, while you focus on what you do best.

** If all you did was launch one successful sale from your Expert Offer you would make a years investment back in a month. Even better! With our help and track record of monetising expert offers - with a $5k, $10k, or $20k offer, you would just need a sale or two and you would easily be in front!

More Expert Benefits

*Access to all (past and future) Expert workshops, trainings and events:

Expert Offer Call 1:1 with Rana ($2000 value)

Map out your Core Expert Offer that you love to sell and deliver.
We’ll get crystal clear about your Expert business model and exactly what's required to hit your goals. We’ll dial in your perfect future customer segment and align an offer that gets them to YES sooner.

Expert Daily Lead Sequence ($8000 Value)

Relying on word of mouth or referrals for new business is slow, and risky.

You likely don’t have a marketing process, or at least one that works reliably and consistently to generate you new business. So we’ll help you install ours.

Within the first 30 - 60 days we aim to help our clients attract 3 qualified appointments each week using this system and secure at least one high value client each month as a result.

These are the best ‘leads’ you’ll find and we’ll show you how to use this system to attract a regular flow of ideal clients - private and corporate - that book into your calendars every week.

There is no other program that will give you access to something like this without charging you per lead or for expensive software. We have you covered!

1:1 Expert Coaching ($12000 Value)

As part of Expert Accelerator you get a 1:1 with your very own coach who ensures you get direction, support and accountability to implement the right actions, at the right time, so you achieve the results you’re looking for as easily as possible.

Expert Training and Resource Room ($24,000 Value)

Every month, our Expert community gets together and does a short training which is recorded. You’re getting immediate access to dozens of past trainings which includes everything from monetising online events to Linkedin strategies to presentation training and proposal strategies.

Expert is direct, to the point, value driven and simple. Less fluff, more action.

Every training and resource is designed to help you win faster, deliver with ease and make more by doing less better.

The Expert Private Community Group:

Feel stuck? Post in the group and together we’ll get you unstuck. We’ll also celebrate your wins and give you a shoulder to lean on when sh*t happens!

*REDUCED RATE for One on One Mentorship:

You’re receiving weekly masterclasses with Rana, Solve It Sessions and 24/7 access to our smart community as part of your membership.

You get 1:1 access to a highly experienced Expert coach to help you implement, hold you accountable and be there for you if you get ‘stuck’.

Beyond that I have an option to get Rana’s personal help which may be useful:

Apply for a Private Client Spot and get access to Rana inside, the Expert inner circle of 10 high level Experts building $100k per month Expert Profit businesses. 

Expert members can select this at a reduced rate of $500 per week on top of your Expert membership fee.


If the Inner Circle is full or ad hoc advice is needed: Any calls, PM’s or other engagements at Rana’s $3500 an hour rate will be reduced to $2000 per hour exclusively for Expert members.

1:1 Coaching with Rana is direct and deliberate and focuses heavily on results momentum aka only doing what will help you win faster and cutting out all the other ‘lag’ slowing you down.

We focus on setting clear and tangible plans so we don’t get slowed down by the ‘unexpected’ or the ‘urgent’. It’s rare my clients get ‘stuck’ or feel ‘lost’.

It’s likely you’ll get all the support you need and more in our weekly calls or the Expert community group, but if you want direct access to the source then this option may be for you.

How To Become A Member of Expert?

We have limited intakes at any given time. Here are the steps to secure a spot…



We’ll ask you for a few details about you and your business.



See if you’re a fit for Expert - if you are, invite you to join.