Are you a Business Coach or Consultant?

Do You Want To Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Powerful Lead Machine?

Discover how your LinkedIn Profile can organically generate a steady flow of 20 leads per month through this simple 3-Step Strategy

BUILD a targeted database that you own and can control.

AUTOMATE the process to give you an unfair advantage.

ACCELERATE opportunities using email with LinkedIn as a lead source.

Here Are The 3 Key Concepts We're Going to Work On..

BUILD a targeted database that you own and can control. With our proven tactics and strategies, you'll learn how to build a targeted database of potential clients and leads on LinkedIn. And the best part? You'll own this database, so you can control your own destiny and grow your business on your own terms.

AUTOMATE the process to give you an unfair advantage. Let's face it – there are only so many hours in a day. That's why we'll show you how to introduce automation into the process, so you can save time and give yourself an unfair advantage over the competition.

ACCELERATE opportunities using email with LinkedIn as a lead source. Email is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with potential clients and leads. With our strategy, you'll learn how to use LinkedIn as a lead source, then use email to accelerate opportunities and turn those leads into paying clients.

Skeptical? You Should Be Because There Are A Lot Of “linkedin Gurus” Out There – But Nobody Gets Results For Their Clients Using Organic LinkedIn Marketing Like We Do.

See for yourself.

Tina's Incredible Success: Earns Over $230,000 in 8 Weeks with The Influencer Project and $279,000 More in the Pipeline!


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Jim's LinkedIn Masterpiece: 73 Leads, $80K in Opportunity, and $30K in Sales in Just 3 Months!


Andrew's LinkedIn Breakthrough: Zero to 5x ROI in Just 3 Months with The Power of The Influencer Project’s LinkedIn Strategy!


And some more of our client’s wins...

Amanda's $10K Breakthrough: Joining The Influencer Project Leads to $10,000/Month!
Carmen Rings the Bell Again: Renewal for a 10-Month Program worth $10,000 in Sales!
James Strikes a $65K Deal: A Major Win for Business!
Nikhil's Coaching Catch: Closes $10K Package with The Influencer Project's Organic Content Machine Strategy!
David's Stellar Start: Closes $7500 Coaching Client in the First Month of the Year!
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Iven's Sales Success: Closes $10K with The Influencer Project's Proven Strategy!
Jake's Sales Celebration: $22K Closed!

Are you generating daily leads from your LinkedIn Profile?

If your business is making over $10K / month and you’re still not generating organic leads inside LinkedIn, then this workshop is for you.

Since 2014, The Influencer Project LinkedIn strategy has helped generate millions of dollars in revenue for coaches and consultants from LinkedIn – Yes, even through the pandemic.

We’ve helped thousands of leading B2B Coaches, Advisors, Consultants and Industry Experts tap into the professional power of LinkedIn to connect them with hard to reach, high value leads and grow their businesses and form profitable partnerships quickly.

Chasing work is hard, waiting for referrals is risky and if you’re selling your advice and expertise for a living then it’s time to think differently and take control inside a platform that is often overlooked, misunderstood but incredibly profitable.

Remember— people follow people, not brands. And LinkedIn enables you not only to hypertarget your perfect future customers but also build a community inside the platform which you can then convert into clients. 

Did you know that LinkedIn generates nearly 300% more B2B Leads than Facebook?

When we started in 2014, there were 296 million LinkedIn users. Fast forward to today, the world's largest professional network has more than 875 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and 65 million of those are decision-makers. 

Every person you will ever need to do business with is sitting inside this platform, and to reach them without a strategy would take years, if not decades.

With our proven strategy we will show you ‘step-by-step’ how you can easily stand out as an authority in your marketplace. We’ll also show you the exact activity we strategically use that will get you seen 10x more than your competitors.

You’ll take away implementable strategies that will have you identify exactly where your next leads will come from so you’ll be able to plan for the next quarter and next year and hit new growth targets.
In a lot of cases attendees actually leave generating 2 – 3 new clients within 30 days with what they learn – it’s that good!

We Could Write A Long Sales Page To Try And Convince You Why You Should Join The Linkedin Lead Machine™ Workshop But We’re Going To Let Our Clients’ Results Do The Talking.

Alex Increased His Service Fees, Generated High-Quality Leads & Closed $70K With The Influencer Project


Carmen Scores Her First Big Sale and Builds a Community of 1,500 Perfect Customers in Just 4 Months with The Influencer Project


Stefano Solferini Achieves a 6x ROI in Just 3 Months with The Influencer Project


Nancy's 90-Day LinkedIn Success Story: Getting 4 Clients From LinkedIn Through The Influencer Project Program


From Zero Strategy to Consistent Leads & $20K in Sales: Kate and Thomas' Success with The Influencer Project

Thomas & Kate

Joel Goes from Zero Leads to Closing 3 Clients totalling to 6X ROI with The Influencer Project Program in 4 Months


And some more of our client’s wins...

Iven Closes a $9K Sale 
Jake Re-signs a Client for $27K
James Closes a Cool $29K Client
$7K from The Influencer Project’s Program
Nigel Seals a $54K Deal
Julian Closes 2 Clients Worth $30K+ Total
Julian Accelerates Revenue with a $15,400 Sale
Kate Locks in $47K in Sales and another $80K waiting in the Pipeline
Julian’s $15,400 In sales came straight from LinkedIn
Joel Closes a $5K Sale From LinkedIn!

Why LinkedIn?

810M Members in 200 countries and regions worldwide*

The main advantage of LinkedIn is the easily accessible and hyper accurate business and employee information you can target by. No other social network has this level of specificity in terms of data.

And because of that, you can easily build and engage with a targeted audience.

LinkedIn organic also has a surprisingly high ROI compared to their ads platform.

Many marketers don’t realize that LinkedIn activities, if done correctly, attract enough engagement to single-handedly drive top of funnel strategies.

For more than half a decade, we’ve run hundreds of organic marketing campaigns inside of LinkedIn to drive prospects to our webinars, workshops, ebook offers and many more— which by far surpassed any paid ad campaigns we’ve ever done.

One could argue that of all the major social channels, LinkedIn remains the best platform to grow organically if you’re in the B2B space. 

The Workshop is FREE – What’s The Catch?

Because we want to work with you and help you create your own Linkedin Lead Machine.

If you’re looking to grow your $10K/Month business but don’t want to spend money on ads, then building an organic LinkedIn Lead Machine is what you need.

We figure by revealing our strategy, by being transparent about what has worked for us and what hasn’t you’d be able to not only get some quick wins and see results, but you’ll also know that we are the real deal and we can start the relationship off on the right foot and potentially do some more work together down the track.

So give us 90 minutes of your day and you’ll learn how to easily generate consistent leads and social sales for your business using LinkedIn. 

Our team thinks we’re crazy… especially since most people leave knowing how to generate leads with organic LinkedIn strategy in the time it takes to complete the training.

The Influencer Project has helped thousands of Coaches, Consultants and B2B Experts turn their LinkedIn profile into a business building machine and to build strong, engaged networks, position themselves powerfully as marketplace leaders, and generate more leads and clients for their business.

So join me as I walk you through ‘Step-by-Step’ on how you can implement The LinkedIn Lead Machine they’re using, along with other leading coaches and consultants they work with, to generate a steady stream of leads and opportunities everyday.