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Are You a Coach or Consultant Who’s Making $10k/month And Is Looking for A Faster Way To Organically Grow Your Expert B2b Business?

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You might be one of those people who just want to cut to the chase and get to implementing a bit faster.

If that’s you, and you have an interest in attracting more clients, creating more predictable lead flow, and building a simple and dependable strategy to grow and scale your coaching or consulting business – then filling out this questionnaire is your next step.

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In 2022, our clients made $8,218,034 using The Influencer Project LinkedIn Strategy. Here are some of their wins:

1.5M In Loans
$4,000,000 + $400,00 Worth Of Sales Inquiries
5.3M In The Pipeline
New Sale Worth $3,397/Month!
Closed 6th Sales Worth $20K
Added $1,000 In Just A Day
$1.5K In Sales + 8 Leads
First $2.5K Sales + $20k-$200k Pipeline Opportunity

From a goal of $40,000 to earning over $230,000 in 8 weeks and another $279,000 in the pipeline through The Influencer Project program!!

7K Worth Of Sales
104K Income Generated + 210K In The Pipeline!
Added New Client Worth $15K
$30K+ In A Week!
First Confirmed And Dispatched Order Out From A Video!
Secured A Job Worth $12K+
1.5M In A Week!
7K+ In Sales
$11K Sale And $42K Worth Of Opportunity

The results that we've been able to get after being with The Influencer Project would be about $500,000. What we haven't closed, is another half a million dollars.

Greg H

$250K + $850K Pipeline Opportunity!
$400K Worth Of Work For The Next 12 Months!!
A 7000€ Opportunity Worth Over 2 Months
$20k-$800k Worth Of Opportunity
1st Client Worth $2,600
10K Worth Of Opportunity
$10K Per Month!
Landed $100K Total In Sales!

From having zero idea on how to leverage LinkedIn to closing $171K (+$41K in the pipeline) through The Influencer Project program!

1st 5K Sale
$20k-$40k In A Month!
$400K Worth Of Work For The Next 12 Months!!
Closed $3,000 Worth Of Sale In A Week
$60K+ Worth Of Pipeline Opportunity
3 $5K Sales In 4 Weeks
Sold $6,750 + $10K Worth Of Opportunity
17 New Leads!
1st Sale Worth $1.5K + Opportunity Of $12K
Closed A Deal Worth $7,875 Per Month

Of the $100 million worth of pipeline opportunity we have, over half of that has come through this project.

Andrew W.

5K In Sales
Added 2 New Clients
$6,500 In Revenue
€2600 + €2-3000 Worth Of Sales In The Pipeline!
4 Lead Calls +1 Sales Call
6 Leads In A Week
$6,000 Worth Of Sale
Sales Call Closed Worth $3,000
$10K Per Month!
$100k In The Opportunity Pipeline!