Who is The Expert Project?

A coaching system that builds 500k Expert Consulting Businesses with less than 30 clients per year. We believe in smarter not harder and have a do less better philosophy.

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Deliver Outstanding Results

Maximize Business Growth Potential

The Principles:

Growing your consulting business will come down to 6 Expert Growth Principles. 

Over the years i’ve been through some of the hardest economic times and realised that the success of my companies came back to the same 6 principles time after time.

These 6 Expert Growth Principles have allowed me to not only build highly profitable businesses but have helped me build a lifestyle that I’m truly proud of - they are the pillars of The Expert Project.

If you’re wanting to grow your business and are stuck - its because one or more of these growth principles is either missing, lacking or out of alignment.

I’ve literally installed these principles into hundreds of consulting businesses over the years and seen the power they have in direct relation to the amount of impact, influence and income that is possible for a business to have.

Productise your service

Create IP to add dimension to your business beyond ‘time for money’ access. Make your IP work harder than you do.

Make more offers

More offers mean more interest. More interest mean more opportunities. More opportunities mean more sales. More is always better than less.

Compound Culture

Master talent aquisition and skill development so you can build a team that builds your business.

Stick to ONE

Until you reach $3M - Develop, stick to and optimise ONE core product or service that drives both demand for your business and results for your clients. Monetise everything - but sell one thing.

Know your numbers

Build a recurring revenue model and keep more than you make. Money is the oxygen of your business.

Level up Leadership

Someone somewhere has achieved the thing you want and therefore has the strategy required to help you shave years off achieving the same outcome.

free training

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Join this 5 Day Challenge and we’ll work with you “Step-By-Step” to craft a HIGH CONVERTING OFFER so you can attract more opportunities and get paid what you’re worth!

Here are 3 things that will happen when you dial in your high converting offer:

  • You attract more leads and opportunities faster
  • You sell with more confidence and close clients sooner
  • You attract more referrals and introductions easier

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Who is The Expert Project?

Our Mission

To Empower Every Expert to level up their Influence, Impact and Income

Our Vision

The Expert Project is a Global Community of over 100,000 Expert Coaches and Consultants.

Its aim is to become the most results driven training and coaching company for Expert coaches and consultants - empowering them with the tools, frameworks, systems and knowledge to create 7-Figure lifestyle businesses that make an impact in the world.

Our Values

We Work Smarter Not Harder
We Are Our Own Leaders
We Strive To Be Better, Together
  • We Always Seek a Win Win
  • We Celebrate The Wins
  • We Empower People
We are HOT
  • Honest
  • Open
  • Transparent
We Only Accept Awesome
  • We Are Committed To Results
  • We Turn up on time and ready

Our Impact

More than just a training and coaching company, we’re also dedicated to providing education and training for children and adults in developing countries with the aim to reduce hunger and poverty worldwide.

The Creed We Live By:

It starts with belief.

  • Belief in yourself.
  • Believe you can do anything and take action.
  • Constantly improve yourself in small, simple ways every day.
  • Be a better person than you were yesterday.
  • Push yourself to the limits of what you think is possible.
  • Outgrow your comfort zone and dream so big it scares you.
  • Let go of distractions. If it doesn’t get you closer to what you want or add value to what you’re out to create, then set it free!
  • Trust that there will be challenges but never quit on your dreams.
  • Be brave. Be different. Be bold and go it on your own terms.
  • Choose to be happy, don’t wait for happiness to choose you.
  • Don't lower your standards to meet the emotional expectations of others.
  • Inspire others and surround yourself with people smarter than you.
  • Life won’t give you what you deserve, it gives you what you are dedicated to.
  • So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you either win or learn, you cannot fail.
  • Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.
  • Make time to celebrate the wins and enjoy the journey.
  • Leave the earth having made a dent, made a difference, that because of you, someone’s world is a better place.

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Meet The Founder

My Name Is Rana Saini….

I’m on a mission and I’d like your help.

I help coaches and consultants turn their experience and expertise into 6 - 7 figure businesses and become EXPERTs in their marketplace.

I want to take you Step-by-step through the exact systems that I developed that allowed me to grow from $0 to over $83,000 per MONTH in my FIRST YEAR as an expert using nothing more than One LinkedIn Profile, Outbound Email and a Simple Social Content Strategy - there is no reason why you can’t do the same - let me show you how!


Having a successful business isn’t about having flashy clients or a fancy funnel with automations.

When I first started I had NOTHING, except a passion to help people and a desire to make money on my own terms.

If you’re still reading, I’m guessing you’re probably in the same boat.

“I went from an idea and $0 to hitting my first $83,000 a month without spending a tonne of money on ads, or needing a fancy website or a ferrari.”

I started out with 2 things… belief I could make a difference in people's lives, and big goals for my own.

I didn’t have a big email database, coaching skills, a business degree, sales experience, marketing qualifications, social media following, rich parents…

You name it, I didn’t have it…

And it wasn’t a fluke, it was by design. I took action. Made some progress. Failed a lot. Learned what to do. Learned what not to do. Made money. Lost money. Invested in coaches and mentors. Built a team. Built a business.

I’ve taught literally hundreds of coaches that have done the exact same thing and gone on to become leaders in their marketplace.

I’m going to teach you the exact same strategies.

The best thing about my process?

You don’t need to have a fancy website
You don’t need to have a complicated marketing funnel

All you need is a determined focus, a commitment to take action, humility to be held accountable, desire to implement, a passion to help people and, wait for it… to be comfortable making money doing it!

The strategies I’m going to teach you through our programs and memberships will change everything for the trajectory of your business.