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LinkedIn: Where Does All This Connection, Engagement & Activity Get Me?

When we tell clients that if they follow the LinkedIn strategy we outline, they can expect to get 2-3 warm leads per day, they look at us like this:

We’ve come to expect this reaction. Why? Because it’s so far removed from what they are getting now. It just seems implausible – like promising a million dollars to a beggar.

But here’s why we get that reaction: when it comes to LinkedIn, most business owners are doing this:

LinkedIn: Where Does All This Connection, Engagement & Activity Get Me?

Not very much! Now, this isn’t to single out anyone as being lazy; they’re just busy doing other things. But a question: what could be more important for business growth than getting in front of a potential database of over 460 million professionals, amongst which nearly ALL of your target customers are present?

We can’t think of many more important things – if you want to grow your business.

Yet a lot of business owners dip into LinkedIn once every 7-10 days and check out again with no leads – and don’t see what all the fuss is about with LinkedIn marketing. It never achieved anything for them! The bottom line is that LinkedIn is no different to traditional sales and marketing channels: the most active business wins.

Think of a company with an active salesforce making cold calls, knocking on doors, arranging breakfast meetings, and attending networking events. Compare that with a salesforce that sits around the office waiting for leads to come in.

Who wins?

LinkedIn: Where Does All This Connection, Engagement & Activity Get Me?

Until you get serious about getting active on LinkedIn, it will never deliver any leads. If you are prepared to invest the time into a strategy that OPTIMISES, CONNECTS and ENGAGES, you will see dramatic results that you never thought possible: 2-3 warm leads per day is certainly achievable. Read on to discover more about the types of results that you can expect from a consistent strategy of activity and engagement on LinkedIn.

How can engagement work for a business?

Engagement is a powerful thing; we always stress its importance – but LinkedIn didn’t invent engagement! It’s always been important in business and LinkedIn just happens to be a great vehicle for it.

A previous client of ours from the banking and finance sector was looking to achieve revenue growth, new client acquisition, and reduce client run-off, which was then at a very high 20 percent.

After an initial consultation, we noticed that there was a glaring opportunity that had not been exploited: a database of over 650,000 existing customers across 180 branches.

Not a single active, customer-focused campaign had been run because the marketing team was wary of spam.

Over the next 12 months, we engaged over 100 branches with a call program to re-engage with this database: simply thanking customers for their business and asking if they could be doing anything else for them. Over 250,000 calls were made to individuals who provided the greatest value to the business.

LinkedIn: Where Does All This Connection, Engagement & Activity Get Me?

After initial resistance, customers generally reacted positively with “My bank has never rung me to see how I’m going, thanks so much”. It also uncovered many customers who were looking for further services.

In its final quarter that year, the business achieved positive growth and record profits, as well as reducing the churn rate.

What changed was a focus on customer engagement and a business getting active with its database.

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Translating this to LinkedIn

You probably won’t be using LinkedIn to re-engage with customers, but you still have access to a huge database of prospects that can help you grow your business.

To do so, you need to take them from being curious to being interested. You do that through activity and engagement. On LinkedIn, this means first optimising your profile, then growing connections, and engaging with your own database of followers – with group interactions, likes, comments, posting articles/videos, and regular status updates.

Take this activity daily over an extended period of time and engagement is the outcome. And what’s the outcome of engagement?

Typical results from following this LinkedIn Strategy

Adem S Energy Consultant:

Average leads per month: 55

Average $ value: $12000

Pipeline – 25

proposals: $450,000

Peter M – Mortgage Broker

Average leads per month: 35

Average $ value: $3000

Jody B – Franchiser Recruitment

Average leads per month: 83

Average $ Value: $150,000

Conversion rate: 1:7

Sophie B – Equine marketing

Average leads per month: 42

Average $ value: $5,000

Pipeline: 22 deals

The above results are from four industries only – and some of them are extremely ‘niche’. The beauty of the strategy is that it works in every single industry because it’s based upon simple sales, marketing, and business truths: gather and engage with more people and more leads and opportunities will be uncovered.

I’ll leave you with a final thought: a good LinkedIn profile is like a good suit!

LinkedIn: Where Does All This Connection, Engagement & Activity Get Me?

When you walk into an event in a fine-tailored suit, you look a million dollars and everyone is impressed. If you just stand around and think ‘look at me’ the attraction soon wears off. However, if you engage with people, you get the opportunity to grow the initial attraction.

A great profile without activity is essentially worthless!


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