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LinkedIn Profiles: The Elements You Need To Optimize That Most People Miss

Want to maximise your reach and influence on LinkedIn?

Then you need to start with a fully-optimized profile. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently: there really is NO OTHER PLACE to start.

The problem is that most professionals on LinkedIn optimize either none or only part of their profile.

Well, it’s a problem for them. It’s an opportunity for you: get it right and hey presto! You stand out and increase your influence.

I covered some of the basic elements of your LinkedIn profile that you need to start within a recent post: photos, headline, and bio section. You won’t get far without paying some good attention to these areas.

But you should optimize your entire profile for the best possible results.

What are the not-so-obvious elements of a LinkedIn profile that most people neglect but that still need optimizing?

That’s what this is about. So let’s get straight into it…

The importance of keywords on LinkedIn…

Most business leaders have already spent time targeting their keywords before they get to LinkedIn; it’s a necessary part of creating a website, of course.

So the hard work is done. No need to reinvent the wheel: the main keywords you use on your website can be used on LinkedIn.

Just as you optimize your website for Google rankings for your keywords, you need to do that for LinkedIn. Why? Because people search for your products and services on LinkedIn. That’s what this is for in the top left-hand corner of every page:

If you don’t include your keywords, you won’t come up in the search results for those terms. And that will be your loss!

So include your keywords in the main sections – headline and bio – but also in the sections, we address below. And not as an afterthought – as a priority, with professionally written copy that is easily readable and flows naturally.

The neglected elements of a LinkedIn profile…

Your LinkedIn URL

Your LinkedIn URL will be assigned automatically but can be edited via the settings menu. Rather than just including your name, try adding keywords to it like this:

Articles and activity

The fact that this appears so high on your LinkedIn page should tell you that it’s important. Your activity is the main element in increasing your influence…but that will come further down the line after you have optimized your profile.

You cannot ‘game’ this – once you increase your activity (article and video posts, for instance) then this will show in your activity section near the top of your profile:

For now, just be aware that it’s there. The ultimate goal further down the line is for this section to display a whole load of content as you develop your LinkedIn presence and influence – and become a thought leader in your field.

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This one is important. Most people just treat it as a list of prior positions with dates and locations.

In fact, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate keywords into copy and to optimize your profile further, adding evidence to why you’re the best at what you do.

Let’s face it – most people won’t read beyond the company name, position, dates and location – but you can generate excellent search power from the 4000 characters of space provided.

You’ll get an idea of how we do things here at The Influencer Project from Andrew’s Experience section:

There’s no point going back 30 years to your job as a paperboy. Keep it relevant to your current services wherever possible.

For each entry in the experience section, include a logo for the company and focus on your achievements and the benefits you brought clients: this should provide ample opportunities to insert your keywords naturally into the copy.


This is quite self-explanatory – so we won’t delve into this one.

Featured Skills & Endorsements

Actively encourage endorsements for your skills from your contacts. These provide instant credibility that you are who you say you are and you can do what you say you can do…

To ensure this is optimized, create and manage your own list of skills to be endorsed – you can add up to 50 skills to your list: be as specific as possible.


Try to gather at least five recommendations from your peers and clients. These are displayed on your profile and provide instant credibility:


Don’t ignore this like many people do. It’s a very undervalued field – but has the power to link you with many other professionals who share the same interests. It’s best to list professional interests rather than social ones such as ‘drinking wine’!!

It’s an important part of a fully optimized profile:

What’s next?

Optimizing the above elements of your profile will help your search-ability on LinkedIn and add credibility to your profile when people visit.

This is the first step to increasing your following and growing your network.

The next thing you need to do is to get more active on LinkedIn. Our next post will start showing you the way to do that…

Meanwhile, discover more about expanding your influence on LinkedIn in our book: The Influencer Project: A Business Owner’s Guide to Exponential Growth.

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