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Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to Stand Out

Is it time to optimize your LinkedIn profile? 

To put it another way, are you making the most of your 7 seconds? 

Let’s rewind. 

From Business Insider, “Everybody knows how important first impressions are. But not everybody knows that the ‘first impression’ is actually only a 7-second window.” 

When someone sees your LinkedIn profile, is it optimized for engagement? Are you confident that you’re making the right impression – in only 7 seconds? 

For many professionals, the answers to these questions are No and No. Making some small-but-meaningful updates to your social profile can make a huge difference in increasing your reach, and connecting with the right people. 

Attention spans are decreasing. People are unlikely to dig around on your social profile to see what it is that you do (or can do for them). Your LinkedIn profile should be clean, simple and easy to digest to create a strong first impression. 

The golden rule for profile optimization is: show your visitors what you’re a leader in, what industry you command and what you offer. 

3 Tips to Vastly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile 

Use a smart profile banner image

LinkedIn profile banner

Your banner image shouldn’t be wasted. It’s not a place for a picture of you and your dog at a beach on the Gold Coast. 

Instead, it’s a powerful visual reminder – and a stellar marketing opportunity. Use it to communicate instantly what you do and what you’re about. Add your logo and relevant keywords using a design tool like Canva or Photoshop. 

We dig deeper on optimizing your LinkedIn profile details here – and get a free guide on creating the best background photo for your social profiles. 

Use a professional profile picture

LinkedIn profile picture

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. It’s not a passport application either. 

Your profile picture should be a high-quality image that presents you as approachable and professional. Keep in mind: this image represents you all over LinkedIn – not just on your own page. If you’re active in business or networking groups, this is a great opportunity for people you’re not already connected with to start putting a face to the name. 

People do business with other people – this isn’t the place to wear sunglasses or include your pet cat (unless that’s specifically relevant to your business). 

Use relevant keywords into your headline

LinkedIn headline with keywords

Your profile headline is another way to say WHAT you do – NOT who you are. 

Truth? No one actually cares about your business or who you are. Or your position or job title. Not sorry, they just don’t care about it. 

They care about what you do, and the problems you solve. Your keywords explain this. Use them wisely, make them relevant. 

If you’re a coach, tell your audience clearly what you do, how you help, where you practice (Sydney? Melbourne? Brisbane?). Don’t simply list job titles or positions – it’s a waste of valuable space. (And it’s info they can easily find if they keep scrolling down your page.)

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In summary…

Your LinkedIn profile is the cornerstone of your online marketing activity. It’s the foundation to becoming an influencer in your industry and market. If you don’t get this right, your efforts to increase your organic reach will fail – and you’ll blame poor strategy rather than the actual cause.


Download our social profile framework. Use these 6 simple steps to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out, increases followers, and generates daily leads and business opportunities. 

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